BlackStork Paulownia


Our company has set the goal to spread the knowledge about Paulownia and propagate this renewable resource of great ecological and economic importance in our region.

Unlike renewable resources, our planet’s fossil and mineral resources are being depleted. Renewable raw materials are part of our nature, and we firmly believe that they can be produced sustainably in harmony with it.

To prevent the depletion of nature, we are looking for solutions to protect it and, at the same time, the ability to supply humanity with the raw materials necessary for life. Paulownia is perfect for this. Because of its rapid growth and high-quality wood, it is possible to use Paulownia as a renewable raw material to protect valuable natural forests.



To ensure a sustainable supply of wood to meet the growing global demand so that natural forests remain intact and thrive. The world’s forest resources are being depleted, but we are creating a positive buffer to help preserve the diversity of natural habitats for future generations.

We aim to develop quality, sustainable and economical wood production from plantations. We are helping to meet this growing demand for wood. Through ecologically sound plantations, we can also help reduce pressure on our natural habitat, preserve existing forests, and protect our environment.


Healthy and sustainable growth is what BlackStork stands for. By «sustainable» we mean that BlackStork acts responsibly to provide a long-term return on investment in harmony with the environment and society.